I saw the Mummy 2 yesterday. Every critic in the world hated it. I liked it right off the bat because the manager at the Evanston place let us in free when the ticket computer broke down. The main characters fought the Mummy again and also the Scorpion King played by the Rock and prob. a million computers. It was all cheesy, fast, dumb, and loud. Jamieís sister said it gave her a huge headache. It was great.

Right before the movie Jamie and I had dim sum at Furama with Pam and Syd and Erin. Oh man it was good. Except the carts came along way too infrequently. Maybe they thought of how much normal people would eat, not how much I would eat. While waiting for more food, Erin and Pam made fun of me for my plans to see the Mummy and my choices of movies in general (Erin:ĒAndrew, would you watch ANYTHING????Ē). Whatís wrong with the Mummy 2? I like to learn about History and stuff. Oh wait, Iím sorry, I mean I like Bible stories.

On Friday I wore dress pants to work instead of my usual jeans or cords and I ended up that night at Mas, a restaurant that is way more fancy than Iím used to. Coincidence? Iíll try a tux next.

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