Today at breakfast I had:Kentucky eggs, cheese grits, and some biscuits and gravy. We sat on the opposite side of the place from last Friday where we had the super perky waitress and had a different waitress who seemed to be suffering from a deep depression. Bizarro World? But she was good with the coffee. When we were leaving, Thomas Z. accidently backed up into some guys head and the guy was all snarly about it. I wanted to ask him if he needed to go to the hospital cause he acted like it was a big deal. And if not, to shut the hells up cause Thomas apologized really nicely so what's he snarling about? Hurt pride for getting a butt in the back of your head? As Brian Wilson/Frank Black sang, hang on to your ego, but I know your going to lose the fight....Actually I don't know what that means. I'm just writing whatever comes into my head and i'm listening to that song. But it SOUNDS like it makes sense in relation to what I was writing right? No? As the Strokes said, people they won't understand, Diaryland, they won't understand...Oh, when I got to work I ordered a new watch off the web. It's like my orange digtal Seiko H Timetron but slimmer. And baby boy blue. I might not be getting in shape for Summer but my watch is.

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