Do you ever worry you might be going crazy, that you are not right in the noggin? That maybe you should see a therapist or check into a sanitarium? Well you came to the right place cuz you know I am a doctor. Here are some symptoms to look for that I copied from an article in July's Reader Digest on mental health:

1. Do you ever feel tired?

2. Have you had a headache for no reason you can think of?

3. Do you ever worry about money? Do you ever have fantasies about having a lot of money?

4. Ever get the suspicion your pants are kind of stupid? That they looked good on that one model in Wallpaper/Detour/InStyle but look kind of stupid on you in real life?

5. Are you ever unsatisfied with your job because you have some vague ideas of being in a more "creative" position?

6. Do you always look at yourself when you pass a mirror?

7. Do you ever have sexual/romantic fantasies that involve you and a celebrity?

8. Have you ever been really mad at a person on the Real World?

9. Do you ever worry about your weight?

10. Do you pee more than once a day?

If you answered yes to more than 3 of the questions you should do something very drastic.

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