Books I saw being read on the Brown Line train in Chicago yesterday: 2-06-2002 (so when they dig up the internet a hundred years from now they will know): Along Came a Spider, by James Patterson, Harry Potter-don't know which one, and two people reading J.Franzen's the Corrections. Make that three cause that's what I was reading also. Usually if a person is reading a paperback on the train, there's a really good chance it's a James Patterson. He must be so rich and with a huge house. He should be on MTV's Cribs. Last night I discovered that if you take the Corrections (the hardcover, closed, sans jacket) and tap it in the center like you would a drum, it makes a sound like a drum, like it's hollow inside. I guess all large books must do that but I didn't know. I'd imagine the sound of each book would be slighty different depending on the size and paper type used. What about the words used? Imagine if you could tell if you will like a book just by tapping them? Like melons.

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