film review of 28 days later in my new ranting film review style



Ugh. I was on the Purple Line to Evanston last night and there was this dude sitting across from me. White, twenties, chubby, shorts and a motorcross t-shirt. He was all spread out on the two seats like a teenager, and with one Teva-ed foot up on the seat. Argh, I hate when people put their feet up on the seats. And also, come on, those hard plastic seats are made so that the only comfortable position is sitting in one seat, both feet on the ground. So basically he was posturing, like a lot of apes do. And then he got a phone call and he was super loud and angry. "WHAT. I'M ON THE TRAIN!" All loud but not yelling. Just his usual extra loud ape speaking voice. While I'm complaining, let me also ask, why do people all seem to have super loud ring tones on their phones? Can't they use vibrate? Am I the only one to use the vibrate function? Cause the calls they get are so important? Cause everyone is a brain surgeon? Donít you get embarrassed when your ring tone version of Dancing Queen goes off and everyone stares at you? Or does it make you proud? It must, seeing how loud you have it set. Or you just donít think at all about that sort of thing? Cause you read Ayn Rand in college and you canít let what other people think keep you from being an asshole? Oh, I mean stop you from achieving your ďgreatnessĒ.

Also the guy had no neck and a mono-brow. I guess thatís why I keep thinking of him as an ape. Not a speck of skin showing between the eyebrows. Eyebrow. He was scarier than the zombies in 28 Days Later. Oh yeah, I saw that last night and I liked it.

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