Saw a preview of Almost Famous by Cameron Crowe. It was a sweet little film and it almost makes me forgive him for Jerry Maguire. One of the better films I’ve seen this year. At the bar that was serving free drinks (paid for by Dreamworks, the studio that put the movie out. Man, there was a lot of famous Chicago "media" people there mixed in with the people like me. Free movie, free drinks and a free cd of the soundtrack. I WANT TO BE A MEDIA PERSON!!! I love swag.) afterwards, Mark, a music critic who got me in, was talking to a blond woman. I found out later that it was Sally Timms of the Mekons, who I was just listening to at the Virgin Store, killing time before the movie. Mark said, “Oh, I should have introduced you.” What would I say to her? What do you say to famous people? I never have a desire to meet them but I have to admit it is kinda neat when I do meet or see a celeb on the street. When I worked at Rizzoli Books I saw a few celebs, including Oprah, Trent Reznor, the bald really good actor from Homicide Andre something, and a few others.

“Ah, yeah, so I saw the guy who played the older brother on Blossom today.”

“Really? Joey?”

“No, the other guy”

“Oh. So where do you want to go for dinner?”

That was a real conversation I’ve had. And now when I see that actor on TV (recently appearing in some IBM ads) I feel some sort of interest I would have not had if I had never seen him in person. The power of fame, even Blossom kind of fame, is insidious and I’m sorry for bringing it up. Let us now try to forget all about the older brother from the really bad tv show Blossom. For some of us I bet it’s impossible. But we should try anyway. We should try cause the new tv season is about to start and we need the memory space for some of the new talent. And stuff like telephone numbers.

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