fans note



I recently finished reading Frederick Exleyís ďA Fanís NotesĒ. Itís yet another book Iíve heard and read about for years and was even given a copy as a gift (by Jim H.) but could never get started. It was sitting on my bookshelf till last week. I guess itís a bildungsroman , with lots of drinking and going insane and smoking and sex. Sort of like if the main character of the Moviegoer was a blue collar kid from upper New York and way more psycho at times. Uh, sort of. Anyway, it was excellent and I understand why people rave about it. Itís pretty rude and brutal reading at times yet also very funny and I felt a little crazy while reading it. I read it while also reading Howard Zinnís ďA People's History of the United States: 1492 to PresentĒ. I have not finished it yet but it also makes me feel a little crazy while reading it.

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