I unpacked all my stuff last Sat. night while listening to the new Le Tigre. Incredible. I like TGIF the best. Political yet hummable and rocking. They DO put out the best rollerskate jams. I like it even better than the last one. Oh and late last night I was told to move all my unpacked stuff into the middle of the apartment so they could paint the walls today. Um, ok I guess. And now I'm trying to decide if I should sleep here tonight cause of the paint fumes. That would be a really embaressing way to die, right? I think I'm getting high... I wonder what music is best for paint huffing? Fu Manchu? This made me laugh out loud while reading it, sitting in the furniture that's piled in the center of my freshly painted living room, trying not to breathe deeply:"ps - I watched a movie all about one woman's quest for justice after her husband was kicked in the nuts." I really have to see that movie.

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