highschool the reckoning



Pam was nice and sent me a email I sent her awhile back with a chat I pasted for her to see. It's me and my friend Dan having the genesis of yet another Million Dollar making idea- A role playing game like Magik or D&D but about High School. There would be cards to trade and you get points and have to roll dice to see if you get acne or score some pot or crash the family car. If you steal this idea please make sure to give us at least a million dollars cause we call "dibs" (that's a legal term, ask your lawyer if you don't know what it means)on it.

Our chat:

12:56 chaan no wait!

12:56 chaan I forgot!

12:56 chaan I'm a Jock!

12:56 chaan remind me to beat you guys up later.

12:57 lutgerda but im a stoner

12:57 lutgerda ill cut you

12:58 chaan you can't cut me cause your baseball Ozzy jersey is too tight

and you can't move your arms around very well.

12:58 lutgerda hrmm

12:59 chaan ooh, HighSchool (the new rpg)! Roll the Dice!

12:59 lutgerda i can cut class though and you'll never come over to johnson's house to get me

12:59 lutgerda johnson will fuckin wipe you

12:59 lutgerda YES!!!!!!!

12:59 lutgerda OH FUCKING YES!!!!!!!!

12:59 lutgerda YOU ARE BRILLIANT!!!!!!

13:00 lutgerda i found a +2 beer in my dad's fridge

13:00 chaan HAHAHA

13:00 lutgerda you could seriously do something cool with that

13:00 chaan I'm a nerd but w/ pretty sister (+15)

13:00 lutgerda if you felt like giving up your social life for a year

13:00 lutgerda hahaha

13:01 chaan imagine the cards

13:01 lutgerda im a total geek but older brother is 21 with a car (+50)

13:01 chaan oooh, if feels like a good idea

13:01 lutgerda it really does

13:02 lutgerda id have to play alot of rpg though to get the feel

13:02 chaan I could be HomeComing Queen!!!

13:02 lutgerda sounds like a good internet game

13:02 lutgerda hhahahaha

13:02 lutgerda you could do the whole thing on the net 13:02 lutgerda sell ads on the "cards"

13:02 chaan yeah!

13:03 lutgerda andrew, lets quit our jobs!

13:03 chaan I'm giving my boss the finger right now!

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