inside in da house



I've been snowed in all weekend. By snowed in I mean too lazy to go outside. I caught up on a lot of sleep. Inside. You know how people shout out where they are from: "Southside!!!! Westside!!!!" From now on I'll claim "Inside" as my neighborhood. Inside the house, yo. I'm going to have that on a hat, and you know, that sounds like a good name for yet another furniture/lifestyle porn/Wallpaper//Dwell type mag. Inside. Or is there one already? I can't keep up. I have to return some dvd's to the video store down the street soon. That involves putting on outdoor clothes and real shoes instead of these fuzzy slippers and going outside. I better drink more coffee. I really need a butler. Ha, if I had a butler all he would have to do is return videos once a week and maybe pick up some dry cleaning once every two months. Maybe that's all Puff Daddy's butler does. Oh and of course my butler would get me out of engagements and help me solve murders and jewel thefts. Blah, I just ate something that made me say outloud, "Don't ever eat that again." If I had a butler he would of gently reminded me that maybe I'd perfer to eat something else. I'm putting Butler on my Amazon Wishlist.

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