I guess I officially have insomnia. It kind of sucks but it's much more entertaining than Al Pachino's movie Insomnia. There is better light so I can read and the bed is much more comfortable than a theater seat. But it's way longer. Unless...did I sleep a little? Or is that just wishful thinking? I don't think I slept yet I don't feel that tired. I wonder if I can just skip sleep and try again tonight? I don't think I can do that anymore but it's 4:30am. What else can I do? Maybe I could take cat naps the whole day. Or I could go to bed right now. I think I'm always able to fall asleep after 4am. That's like my insomnia limit. But of course I'll sleep till noon, which is no good. Hey, I saw CQ this weekend and it was fun to look at and I think I want to get the soundtrack. But overall pretty light and once again I was amazed by Gerard Depardieu's honker. I usually don't use the word honker but in this case I think it fits. I'm not making fun of it. I just think it's amazing he's gone so far with it and hasn't let it hold him back. Uh, it sort of looks like a penis, right? Imagine if you had something on your face that looked just like genitalia yet you go on to become a huge international film star, a leading man, even. Incredible! Some of us can't even get over a bad haircut. It inspires me to reach for new heights even as I suffer this terrible disease of insomnia. Sleep well. Hey! You know what's on tv right now? COACH. That's like the tv telling you to that you should be asleep, right?

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