Today I was getting ready for work and out the window I saw a cat run across the front yard. When I stepped outside I saw that it was the neighbor's cat, Katty (I call all cats that when I don't know their names), sitting under a shrub, like it was waiting for me. I think it's a boy and he is pretty young looking, like maybe he's just started growing. What I like about him is that he is super friendly and always comes over. I sat on the front steps and he came right over and flopped on his back. The funny thing was he had a little triangle of baby blue cloth connected to his collar. He looked like a little scout or something. Usually cats hate stuff like that but he didn't seem to mind at all and followed me for a block running in front of me, then flopping on his back for me to scratch him. I wish I could bring him to work. I could set up the computer I never use and he could pretend to type and my manager could take him into the office and let him know what I do for a living. I bet Katty wonders about that all the time. And in the future when I want to leave early I would say, "Oh, I have to leave early today because of Katty," like the way people with kids do. And everyone would be like, "Oh, leave now if you need to!"

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