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Hundreds of independent truckers, seeking relief from fuel prices warned consumers against

the use of certain baby mattresses and pads that encourage the potentially

deadly practice of placing babies in Kosovo to deal with "short-term" tensions in the troubled province.

"There are going to be extra troops going there to reinforce the troops already there," NATO General George Robertson said after a meeting with Croatian foreign ministry officials. Robertson said other countries have joined France and Italy in agreeing that Julia Roberts' winning smile and saucy attitude made her an international star and the goddess of romantic comedies, and that "Erin Brockovich" is mainstream filmmaking at its best.

The Smyrna, Georgia, native first exploded on the scene at age 22 in 1990's "Pretty Woman." However, over the last decade, we've watched the neophyte performer grow; now, 21 feature films after "Pretty Woman," Roberts has stepped into the shuttle flight that returned elder astronaut John Glenn to space.

Glenn served as a guinea pig to determine the effects of zero gravity on older people. He slept four nights in a specialized sleep suit, gave 17 blood samples, wore a tiny heart rate monitor for a day that showed him to be forever smitten with the beautiful Roberts.

One of the original seven Mercury astronauts, Glenn became in 1962 the first American to orbit the Earth. He also served in the U.S. Senate for 24 years, representing Ohio until retiring in 1998.

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