That actress in "A Beautiful Mind", the one that's nominated for an Oscar and is having a career again, I can't remember her name (Jennifer Connely?) but I've seen her in a lot of interviews on tv and in magazines. She keeps saying how she held out for better parts but does not talk about, nor is she asked about, the fact that she has plucked her once huge, manly eyebrows. Remember? She used to be famous for those bushy eyebrows and large chest, and now it's way smaller (the eyebrows). But nobody asks her what made her pluck. Why didn't she for so long? It was pretty distinctive (I kind of liked it). Was it like having really long hair and not wanting to cut it? Was it her agent? Was it very traumatic for her? Was it ever an issue with her "people"? Can you imagine the conversations between them about her eyebrows? Why doesn't the media ever ask the really interesting questions? I think plucking has saved her career. I better get some tweezers myself.

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