weekend report



This weekend I had a record party (ok this is the display window of the Metro but mine looked just like that...or is it really my bedroom?).

At the Metro I saw the Polyphonic Spree, who were sort of a mix of the Flaming Lips,hippie cult, and Jesus Christ Superstar. Most of their songs sounded alike but they had a couple nice ones. The Sun Times review said, ""...even the most jaded hipsters at Metro were singing along at the top of their lungs" Uh, I admit my head bobbed up and down a few times but I don't remember singing. Jeez, just cause you were all ready to join the cult, don't drag ME into it.

And I got invited to a burlesque show at Martyrs, which was pretty fantastic (and sold-out packed). Lots of good singing and general fun naughty stuff. It was sort of like a high school talent/strip show. If your high school was for really talented hipster queer kids and some of their straight friends. You know how there are lesbian drum circles? They had it also but for drums they used sexy ladies' behinds. FUN!

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