you were right



hi, today i saw someone from one of the companies with a stricter dress code than mine in the elevator, and seeing her dress shirt and slacks reminded me of the first time we met. i can't belive how many years ago it was. you were wearing your "office" clothes and had on glasses. i think i had a really bad cold and it was my first day on the job. i wore a tie, i think. the one with the bicycles on it. you gave me your box of kleenex and leaned against my desk with your arms across your chest and you looked very professional. i think that's the last time you ever looked that way to me. you said you loved heavy metal and you thought you were knocked up by your boyfriend and then showed me your tattoo. i thought that was a weird thing to tell someone the first time you met them. but i thought i should tell you something personal also, so i showed you the court order and the pills in my backpack and the scar i got from the fence next to the house i lived in when i was ten. and then we drew tattoos i should get and we both agreed about UFO's. and then our manager came over and told us to get back to work with one of her passive-agressive/i'll murder you in your sleep smiles. and from there i can't put my finger on exactly when we actually became friends. We were so young.

but i just wanted to say that you were right about everything. and i was right about everything. we were right about everything.

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