The Oscar picks are in and....zzzzzz.

Some things I want to know:

Who invented the couch?

Actually that's all I really want to know.

Oh, and what shop has a copy of Le Tigre?

And what's up with the guy at my work who stands at the urinal and is always spitting while he pees? And not, I have phlem spitting. I'm washing my hands and I can hear him spitting every two seconds. It sounds dry, like he's forcing himself to spit even though he doesn't have enough saliva. Bad habit. Right up there with bleeding at the dinner table. Yuck.

Like he needs liquid coming out of both ends at the same time? Is he trying to get his weight down in time for his weigh-in? So he can make his wrestling weight class? Or is he a 10 year old boy? He certainly looks like a 20something computer guy to me.

I wish I could print up a billion plus t-shirts that say "normal". For everyone in the world except this guy. And we would all wear them on the same day, and when he asks why he didn't get a t-shirt we would all make spitting noises.

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