I need a tailor



Jamie was making fun of my corduroy coat at breakfast last week. "Hey, when's class, Professor? Where's your leather patches on the elbows?" I smiled at him and reached over and broke his glasses and finished my steak benedict. Mmmh, good. But it got me thinking. I WOULD like elbow patches on my coat. But instead of leather, I'd like them to be blue felt (or whatever is best for something like that) cutouts of birds on my elbows. Can you see it? And do you crafty folks know where I can get some birds like that? I need my own tailor for my little projects.

Wow, it's late. I better wrap Pam's b-day gift and head out. How do you wrap a vampire kitten? I better just put a bow around his neck and put him in my pocket. It was nice in Chicago by the way. The sun was shining and I rode my bike to Logan Square for breakfast and looked at little birds flying from green tree to green tree and across the clear blue sky.

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