move and wolves fighting bears



Weird day. Iím moving offices to the new place across from the Chicago Lyric Opera building at 2p.m. Itís brand new and has tvís in the elevator that give the weather and commercials. Like Minority Report. May I borrow your eyeballs? Thereís also plasma screen tvís on each floor in the ďloungeĒ areas. Does that mean I can start watching the View now at work? That's what my job has been missing, daytime television. I need to set up a wireless network here at work and get a laptop so I can do all my work in front of the tv. Also thereís a guy here who I think was hired just for the move. Little bandy legged white guy in his 40ís. He has a collection of t-shirts, all one size too small, that are neat. Today it has wolves on it, and I think they are fighting bears. I imagine him opening his closet and there are hundreds of such t-shirts on hangers for him to choose from. Someday they will all end up at Goodwill and Iíll see kids at shows wearing them and Iíll be sad, wondering what happened to the guy and hope heís ok. I'm going to miss the cafeteria downstairs here at the Board of Trade. The new place is suppose to have one also but it's not open yet. But there is a bar and grill up and running in the lobby. But I saw the menu and it has a $11.00 mac and cheese dish. $11.00! Whose running that place? Some really rich five year old?

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