Punch Drunk Love



Saw Punch Drunk Love by P.T. Anderson tonight (who was not there due to a "cold") at the Music Box. Adam Sandler played the lead as an intensely weird, neurotic guy who tries not to be too strange for the lovely yet crazy eyed Emlly Watson who really likes him for some reason. It was a good use of Sandler's trademark retarded rage.The audience laughed belly laughs a lot but they seem to do that for all films lately. And since it's Sandler, even more so this time I think. They were like a "studio audience" with loud guffaws everytime Sandler raised an eyebrow or hit someone. I thought it was a small, weird film and it made me feel really uncomfortable the whole time. Oh, and I liked it but I wish it was a little more weird. And when the guy in front of me, the one who got up 3 times and couldn't sit still, started popping the middle of his plastic water bottle in and out, making a loud pop each time, I leaned over and put my hand on his shoulder and said a lot meaner than I was going to, "Cut it out right now..." And he did. I have my own retarded rage. Blah, I have a cold.

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