Dark City



On the way to see Dark City, high on cold medication, thinking about you (as I'm always doing), I hit a pothole on a dark street while not paying attention and for a second I lost all physical contact with my bike. But like a cartoon hat on a cartoon fat guy, I landed right back on. If I fell off maybe I could of died. And if I had died and there really is a hell, I would of landed in Dark City's vision of Mexico City. I was hoping to see some of Mexico City, a place I have no idea about, but it was almost all alleyways shot from that kind of serial killer's point of view popular in some movies, with flashes of light and then a quick cut. You know. And bad things happening to poor, marginalized people and it kept happening in a Pulp Fiction flashbacks style. One bad thing after another, really voilent and pulpy. But not very intrestingly done I thought. So I walked out a little after Tom and Katherine did before the movie ended cause I got bored. You can ask Syd how it was because she stayed. I saw T & K outside and they put my bike in their car and gave me a ride home and I bought a burrito. I didn't finish that either but what I ate I really liked.

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