Unknown Pleasures



Unknown Pleasures was the movie tonight. I thought it might be about housework or something but it wasn't. Some of my friends thought it moved a little slow (long shots of people thinking and doing everday things) but I enjoyed it. Maybe they expected Hong Kong Chung King Express stuff but it was more De Sica Neorealism. I was fascinated by it mainly because it was set in a factory town in Mainland China (2001?). How often do you get to see that? Everyday if you live in Mainland China I guess. My favorite insult now (from the film) is "Go join the army and get sent far away!" In one scene a character is talking about a scene he's seen in a western dvd and acts out a now famous scene from a movie we have all seen. Great scene and so funny seeing it in that context. On the way home, after a beer at the Duke of Perth (the fish was ok but the fries were great), I listened to Bowie and Queen's Under Pressure, my new favorite walking down the block at night after seeing a movie song.

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