the birds



So I was sitting outside on the front steps today and noticed how many little birds there are on my street. Little birds, the size of tin wind-up toy birds. Maybe finches? Hundreds in the trees and on the lawn like a scene from “the Birds” but not threatening cause they were so small and cute. One would fly out from the trees and then the rest would follow. From tree to tree to lawn to tree they played follow the leader looking for food (I’m only guessing that’s what they were doing. They could have been at war for all I know about that kind of stuff.) . It’s funny how I never noticed them before. Maybe cause they are so small. But after awhile they would sometimes fly really close to me, a whole…flock? Is that the right term for them? Anyway, it was kind of neat watching them fly so close to me, so many little birds, they looked like cartoon bees (you know, the kind that make a shape like a huge hyperdermic needle and poke someone in the butt? What? I'm talking crazy?). And I actually had the thought, “I’m sure glad those birds are not man-eaters. I have enough stress already.”

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