Guest Diarist Luku

life without ketchup

its not half-way through my first day back to work and i already feel like

ive used all my life-lines. i spent the last 7 days with my grampa. utopistic mostly accept for my consumption habits that didnt stay home. there is absolutely nothing to do in Lake Placid, Fl so opportunites to square were as frequent as a joke that makes me laugh on "home improvement". each day i learned of something else i would have to live without for the week: caffeine, music, computers, mixed-drinks, the screaming mustaches that sell baseball cards on the home shopping network after midnight, Pocky, phones, college radio, Simpsons, swearing, skipping a meal. it was all good though. my grandfather and i talked like equals for hours almost every day. it was like the foundation of a Ron Howard film replete with cliched moments like me demonstrating VCR programming. im glad im back though because now my life begins anew with my own copy of the new star wars movie. im not sure if it will become a moment in time that i will divide my life with like when i got a heated matress pad, however. that will be tough to top. maybe if i actually got to hang out with darth maul. and he had smokes.


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