Ha, I can't spell. I wrote "write" earlier instead of "right". That's pretty bad. Sometimes I have trouble with the word "forty". I always want to spell it "fourty". I need to go back to grade school. Also while writing this I just noticed I wrote "earliery". Um, what the???? So what I'm saying is pretend I'm from an English speaking country where all the spelling and grammer is a little different from yours.

Oh yeah, I meant to write about this but forgot. I had brunch one morning at Tre Koroner, the little Swedish place down the block from my house with my neighbor Thomas. When we were walking back, Kerri, Thomas' wife, walked up with their dog Tosca. We were standing there talking when a big family (grandkids to grandparents)stopped and started asking about the dog. As they were leaving, the grandmother put her face right up to Tosca's face and said super loud, "Bye poopie poopie!" And then walked away. Tosca looked a little stunned.

"That usually would make her bite people," Kerri said to us. And the old lady turned around like she heard that and said, "I make up names! I do that." She wrinkled her nose up and smiled as she said it, like it was the cutest thing in the world of her to do and a great superpower she had.

Wow. She should get a job with one of those marketing firms that make up names for big companies like "Acura" and "Lucent Technology". Imagine. Instead of "Accenture", Anderson Consulting could now be "Poopie Poopie". Or maybe join the X-Men! She could give nicknames to all the villians and hurt their feelings.

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