This weekend, on the motorcyle I bought on ebay, riding around the block twice, I got a taste of what summer could be like. It might be, judging by the sneak preview, very exciting.

That is, until my battery died. Oh well, I was planning on taking it in for a spring tune up anyway.

God, I have nothing to say. Iíll write something again when and if I ever have something to write about again. Oh! I saw Bridget Jones Diary. It was pretty bad but man, that Rene Z. looked great. I was surprised. I read that she gained some weight but I figured just a couple of pounds is all Hollywood would let her gain for a movie, but she actually looked really different. It was great! Something about that extra weight made her look so sexy. And then I saw her picture at the Oscars and she was all buff, like every other actress. Gain it back, Renee, itís almost summer!

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